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Smith Family Featured at Greensboro Drag Racing Expo

Curtis Smith was inducted into the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2012 with Doug Herbert, Tommy Mauney, and Ralph Seagraves. It has become a tradition with the Smith family to return every year to attend each year's induction ceremony at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in February and the prestigious North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame member autograph session before the ceremony. This year, CCRA asked Curt Smith Jr. to display his car in the Coliseum during the Drag Racing Expo due to his three wins and strong performance during 2023. Curt Jr.'s car was on display for two days, starting on Friday February 16th. This year's event in addition to previous events, placed the Shriners Hot Rod Expo over $200,000 in total donations raised and given for Shriners' Hospitals.

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